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Dive in. Swim. HydroStar.

Are you looking for a counter flow system that offers an unprecedented swim experience?


Our unique HydroStar comprises high-quality, maintenance-free and watertight turbine technology.
That makes it clearly superior to all other counter flow systems on the market.

You will love HydroStar.


Get inspirerd by HydroStar and visit us at the Aquanale in Cologne
between the 7th and 10th of November 2017.
Hall 6.1 Stand G50/H51

The Advantages of HydroStar?

Optimal swim training

Easy to retrofit

No noise, no vibrations

No splashing water

Natural counter flow

Energy-efficient operation

Competitive Swimming

Optimal swim training

With the right counter flow system, athletic and long-distance swimming is possible without having to turn around, even in smaller pools. The HydroStar turbine generates a wide and regular current with the necessary counter force for continuous swimming, providing a proper challenge even for professional athletes. The flow engulfs the entire body, supporting it in the water.


Fitness and relaxation

Whether for fitness training or recreational swimming: you can enjoy peace and quiet. With the turbine technology of our HydroStar system, there are no perceptible noises and vibrations. As in a natural river, you are carried by a soft, yet powerful current, entirely without splashing water while you swim for fitness or recreation!

Health Training

Continuously variable power

Swimming is healthy and an important part of rehabilitation, regeneration and strengthening therapies. The right amount of physical exertion is very important especially in health-related training. HydroStar features continuously variable adjustment via a remote control or piezo button, even by the swimmer. This allows exact regulation of the turbine power to the individual user.


For the entire family

With its continuously variable adjustment of the water jet, the space-saving HydroStar turbine counter flow system offers swimming enjoyment for everyone. It can be used for light relaxation, for swim training or simply for fun – with the soft, wide flow from the HydroStar turbine. Now the family only has to agree on who gets to go in first: athletic swimmers, leisure bathers or buccaneers.

See HydroStar in Action:

HydroStar Gegenstromanlage - Turbinen

The Flow

A natural river in your home

HydroStar puts the power of nature in your swimming pool! As opposed to conventional counter flow systems HydroStar generates a wide water flow, which carries the body in the water similar to a natural river current, without splashing. Unlike pump-operated swim systems there is no concentrated jet that causes unpleasant concentrated strain on the head or shoulders. The wide and regular over- and undercurrent of the HydroStar engulfs the entire body.

HydroStar has a flow rate of 160 m³/h* to 1200 m³/h
 * HydroStar is available in eight different strengths (160m³/h, 215m³/h, 275m³/h, 320m³/h, 430m³/h, 550m³/h, 600m³/h** and 1200m³/h**).
** special solution


Fast and easy!

The time required for installation of a HydroStar counter flow system is significantly lower than that of other products. The system is easy to install and needs very little space. Since HydroStar is designed for underwater operation, no dry space or seals are needed, as is the case with pump systems. For the power supply, all you need is a normal 230 V outlet. The motor itself is operated by the controller with 24 V DC.


Quiet and vibration-free!

HydroStar is designed for quiet, vibration-free and long-term trouble-free operation.

The system is controlled by piezo buttons at the edge of the pool or a remote control. This allows you to adjust the flow even while you are swimming.

Binder offers individual on-site service in case of problems.

Knowledge Network

The latest knowledge combined with experience!

We are a member of the German Association for Swimming Pools and Wellness, aquasuisse and the Austrian Swimming Pool Association. This allows us to combine our experience with the latest knowledge of the planning, construction and renovation of swimming pools and to keep our know-how up to date at all times.

The result: optimal products for your pool.

Installation Variants

Everything is possible!

HydroStar is very flexible and offers many design options. A pool can easily be retrofitted with our turbine counter flow system, for example by simply hanging it on the edge of the pool. Likewise, there are no restrictions with respect to permanent installation: pool walls of steel, aluminium, styrofoam or other plastics and installation in a swimming pond, in open water or under the steps, with one, two or three turbines – everything is possible!

The standard installation is carried out with the special HydroStar installation kit from Binder.

Good to know!

How long is the guarantee on HydroStar?
We guarantee our HydroStar system for 24 months. With our customer service, of course, you can rely on a HydroStar for an entire lifetime.
What does a flow rate of 160 m³/h mean?
The flow rate of the HydroStar is calculated mathematically by multiplying the flow velocity by the surface of the outflow opening. But you do not need to do this.
We designed HydroStar so that you are carried by a wide, soft and powerful current. In practice, this is the case with a flow velocity of about 3.1 meters per second and an outflow opening with a diameter of 150 mm, which corresponds to the specification of 160 cubic meters per hour.
Is the HydroStar available in different colour designs?
The HydroStar cover plate is offered in a silver stainless steel look as standard. Optionally, it is also available in black, white and all RAL colours. In our experience, these are the designs that fit best in most pool situations.

All HydroStar information in our flyer!

HydroStar dealers in your vicinity:

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