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A whole new swimming sensation

Looking to really relax after a stressful day? Or push yourself to the limit when training? Then you should try out our unique HydroStar counterflow system!

HydroStar generates a smooth, powerful current that flows evenly over the body. The system is therefore perfect for both wellness applications and sustained, challenging swim training.

Try out the HydroStar now with a test swim!

Our EasyStar gets MORE out of each pool.

Retrofittable in any standard pool! See for yourself!

Eight good reasons to go with HydroStar

Hydrostar Gegenstromanlagen - optimales Schwimmtraining
Optimal swim training
Hydrostar Gegenstromanlagen - leicht nachrüstbar
Easy to retrofit
Hydrostar Gegenstromanlagen - kein Lärm, keine Vibration
No noise, no vibrations
Hydrostar Gegenstromanlagen - kein Spritzwasser
No splashing water
Hydrostar Gegenstromanlagen - naturnahe Gegenströmung
Natural counter flow
Hydrostar Gegenstromanlagen - energieeffizienter Betrieb
Energy-efficient operation
Hydrostar Gegenstromanlagen - Schneller Einbau
Fast assembly
Hydrostar Gegenstromanlagen - Platzsparende Installation
Space-saving installation

Exceptional swimming enjoyment

HydroStar is unrivalled on the market for counter-current systems. The patented technology has already received numerous prestigious awards, including the Golden Wave Award, the German Brand Award and the Plus X Award. There’s a reason HydroStar is so successful: We sell the system exclusively through select specialist retailers whom we cooperate with closely. As a result, we are always close to our customers and know exactly what they want from a counter-current system.

We are also happy to fulfil special requests. For example, we can deliver the cover plate or the entire retrofit system in any RAL colour. And if your pool has unique dimensions that won’t accommodate our standard system, we are more than willing to develop a fully individualised installation solution for you!

HydroStar Gegenstromanlage - Turbinen

Competitive Swimming

A real challenge

Challenging endurance swimming without constantly having to turn around is now finally possible even in smaller pools thanks to HydroStar. The system generates a powerful current that challenges even professional athletes.

We manufacture HydroStar in six performance levels and also offer two extra-large sizes especially for professional swimmers.


Pure relaxation

Simply unplug and do something for the soul. What could be a better place to relax than your own pool?

HydroStar makes swimming more restful, because the system is ideal for relaxed swimming or wellness exercises.

Health Training

Fit from swimming

Swimming is an important part of rehabilitation programmes, because it trains numerous muscle groups at the same time.

HydroStar supports these valuable exercises with a broad, powerful current. The resistance of the water heightens the regenerative effect of rehab training, while also going easy on the joints. The strength of the current can be adjusted precisely to the performance level of each swimmer using a piezo button and a remote control.


A great recreational activity

Everyone likes to splash around. But it’s even more fun with HydroStar, because the turbine driven counterflow system sets the pool in motion.

You can control the current with a piezo button and a remote control until it’s just the way you want it. At lower levels it flows gently around the body, providing a comfortable sense of well-being. At higher settings it provides ideal conditions for having lots of fun, whether soaking or swimming.

See HydroStar in Action:

You can watch other videos of our HydroStar in action on YouTube

HydroStar Gegenstromanlage - die Strömung

The Flow

A natural river in your home

HydroStar puts the power of nature in your swimming pool! As opposed to conventional counter flow systems HydroStar generates a wide water flow, which carries the body in the water similar to a natural river current, without splashing. Unlike pump-operated swim systems there is no concentrated jet that causes unpleasant concentrated strain on the head or shoulders. The wide and regular over- and undercurrent of the HydroStar engulfs the entire body.

HydroStar has a flow rate of 160 m³/h* to 1200 m³/h
 * HydroStar is available in eight different strengths (160m³/h, 215m³/h, 275m³/h, 320m³/h, 430m³/h, 550m³/h, 600m³/h** and 1200m³/h**).
** special solution


Quick installation
Your specialist retailer can install HydroStar quickly and easily for you. This is possible thanks to our unique system concept, which works without a dry room. As a result, installation requires far less effort than with standard counter-current systems. HydroStar is simply connected to the normal household power supply; a high-voltage power connection is not required. Our turbine pool system is maintenance free and extremely compact. The dimensions of the standard version with one turbine are just 615/685/515 mm (W/H/L).

HydroStar Gegenstromanlage - vibrationsarm und geräuschfrei


Quiet and vibration-free!

The system can be controlled by means of a piezo button on the edge of the pool, a remote control or an optional touch display.

This means you can control the current even while swimming. What’s more, the display enables you to create and store individual training programmes.

Should you have any questions about HydroStar, your local authorised retailer will be happy to answer them.

HydroStar Gegenstromanlage - vibrationsarm und geräuschfrei


Installation always an option
Our retrofit system features a modern design that enables you to integrate HydroStar into an existing pool without too much effort. The mounting system blends in harmoniously with its surroundings, and as a full-fledged HydroStar system it offers the same features and functions as the stationary design.

HydroStar Gegenstromanlage - Mitglied im Bundesverband Schwimmbad und Wellness e.V., bei aquaSuisse und beim österreichischem Schwimmbadverband

Knowledge Network

The latest knowledge combined with experience!

We are a member of the German Association for Swimming Pools and Wellness, aquasuisse and the Austrian Swimming Pool Association. This allows us to combine our experience with the latest knowledge of the planning, construction and renovation of swimming pools and to keep our know-how up to date at all times.

The result: optimal products for your pool.

Installation Variants

Fast installation, fast retrofitting

We deliberately designed HydroStar in a way that enables the system to be integrated quickly and easily into new pools of all kinds. HydroStar can be installed in pool walls made of steel, aluminium, concrete, polystyrene or plastic, as well as in swimming ponds. We use two different types of installation shafts for installation. The standard design provides space for 1 turbine capable of a maximum flow rate of 275 m3/hour, while the combination shaft accommodates 2 turbines for a combined maximum flow rate of 550 m3/hour.

If you already have a pool, you can retrofit HydroStar at any time. Especially for this purpose, we’ve developed a mounting system with a modern design that blends in harmoniously with its surroundings. The device with one turbine measures just 505 mm x 532 mm x 400 mm (L/H/W) and is made of rugged yet lightweight ASA ABS plastic. Just like the permanently installed HydroStar system, the retrofit system offers six performance levels with flow rates of 160, 215, 275, 320, 430 and 550 m3 per hour. What makes our retrofit system unique is that it offers all the benefits of a full-fledged HydroStar system. Its performance is not degraded by being installed after the pool is built, unlike many other retrofit systems.

Good to know!

How long is the guarantee on HydroStar?
We guarantee our HydroStar system for 24 months. With our customer service, of course, you can rely on a HydroStar for an entire lifetime.
What does a flow rate of 160 m³/h mean?
The flow rate of the HydroStar is calculated mathematically by multiplying the flow velocity by the surface of the outflow opening. But you do not need to do this.
We designed HydroStar so that you are carried by a wide, soft and powerful current. In practice, this is the case with a flow velocity of about 3.1 meters per second and an outflow opening with a diameter of 150 mm, which corresponds to the specification of 160 cubic meters per hour.
Is the HydroStar available in different colour designs?
The HydroStar cover plate is offered in a silver stainless steel look as standard. Optionally, it is also available in black, white and all RAL colours. In our experience, these are the designs that fit best in most pool situations.

More information about HydroStar can be found here!

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