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BINDER HydroStar – FAQ

How long is the guarantee on HydroStar?
We guarantee our HydroStar system for 24 months. With our customer service, of course, you can rely on a HydroStar for an entire lifetime.
What does a flow rate of 160 m³/h mean?
The flow rate of the HydroStar is calculated mathematically by multiplying the flow velocity by the surface of the outflow opening. But you do not need to do this.
We designed HydroStar so that you are carried by a wide, soft and powerful current. In practice, this is the case with a flow velocity of about 3.1 meters per second and an outflow opening with a diameter of 150 mm, which corresponds to the specification of 160 cubic meters per hour.
Is the HydroStar available in different colour designs?
The HydroStar cover plate is offered in a silver stainless steel look as standard. Optionally, it is also available in black, white and all RAL colours. In our experience, these are the designs that fit best in most pool situations.

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